Southeast Asian Swords - South and Southeast Asia

South and Southeast Asia

While the scimitar also spread to North India in the form of the Talwar, there are is also an autochthonous sword of the straight form in India, known as the Khanda.

  • Pata (gauntlet-sword)
  • Kastane (Sri Lankan)

Swords and knives found in Southeast Asia are influenced by Indian, Far Eastern (Chinese) as well as Near Eastern (Muslim) and European (Spanish) forms.

  • Balisword: an exceptionally large balisong knife. Similar to a balisong, two hilts cover the blade of a balisword
  • Bolo: a large cutting tool of Filipino used in their revolutions
  • Buntot Pagi: Stingray tails used as a weapon of Filipino origin
  • Dahong Palay: a Filipino machete-like sword with capability for thrusting
  • Dha: single-edged Burmese sword, perhaps influenced by the Chinese Dao (For Thai : Daab)
  • Kalis: double-edged "wavy" Filipino sword, similar to the Kris dagger
  • Kampilan: large single-edged Filipino sword
  • Klewang: single-edged Indonesian sword similar to the Filipino Kampilan
  • Krabi: Thai sabre used in Krabi krabong
  • Pinuti: Filipino sword influenced by the West and used also as a farm tool

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