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1st Infantry Brigade (South Africa) - Battle Honours - World War I
... Honours shown in bold are emblazoned on the regimental colours of the four regiments 1st South African Infantry Regiment Agagiya, Egypt 1916 Somme 1916 Delville Wood Le Transloy, Arras 1917 Scarpe 1917 ...
2nd Infantry Division (South Africa) - Order of Battle - Order of Battle: The Fall of Tobruk
... June 1942 Division Troops Die Middelandse Regiment (Machine-gun battalion) 7th South African Reconnaissance Battalion 2nd Field Regiment, Natal Field Artillery, South ... the capture of the rest of the division, 3rd South African Infantry Brigade and the 1st Field Regiment of the Cape Field Artillery became part of the ...
South African Infantry Corps - Units - Motorised Infantry
... Regular Force 2 South African Infantry Battalion (Zeerust) 4 South African Infantry Battalion (Middelburg, Mpumalanga) 5 South African Infantry Battalion (Ladysmith) 7 South African Infantry ...
South African Overseas Expeditionary Force - Organisation
... The South African government formed the South African Overseas Expeditionary Force (SAOEF) in July 1915, as its contribution to the British war effort against the Central Powers ... As South African legislation restricted the Union Defence Forces (UDF) to operating in southern Africa, an entirely new force, made up of volunteers, had to be raised for service in other ... As they were not officially a South African force, the SAOEF was placed under British operational command for operations on the Western Front ...
South African Infantry Corps
... The South African Infantry Corps is the largest combat corps within the South African Army ... The unit originated as the Infantry Branch of the Union Defence Forces in 1913 ... In 1915, the defence forces established the South African Overseas Expeditionary Force for war service outside southern Africa ...

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