Sour Susan

Sour Susan is a fictional character who appears on the children's television series Horrid Henry, Sour Susan also appears in the popular book edition.

She is Moody Margaret's main friend in the series and is often involved in Margaret's plots against Horrid Henry, being a member of Margaret's secret club, Susan also attends their school. in the live film Horrid Henry 3D Sour Susan is played by Helena Barlow

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List Of Horrid Henry Characters - S - Sour Susan
... Susan Horrid Henry character Information Nickname(s) Sour Susan Species Human Gender Female Family Vicious Vicky Spouse(s) Gorgeous Gurinder Sour Susan is a friend of Moody Margaret ... She always has a sour look on her face and often says "Yeah, Henry." when Margaret offends or annoys him ... Margaret's stinkbomb, but in the end, Susan and Margaret Dudgeon Drink Henry's fort ...

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