SOH or soh may refer to:

  • Hispaniolan Ornithological Society or Sociedad Ornitológica de la Hispaniola
  • Start of Header (or Start of Heading: ^A), an ISO C0 control code
  • Sine = Opposite ÷ Hypotenuse, a mnemonic used to teach trigonometry
  • Sydney Opera House
  • State Of Health of batteries
  • Soh (surname), a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese surname Su

Other articles related to "soh":

Chocolat (manhwa) - Manhwa
... Kum-Ji immediately clashed with one of the lead band members, E-Soh, who blackmails her into doing favors for him, such as cleaning his band room or ... E-Soh, against his will, begins to develop feelings for Kum-Ji, the girl who treats him normally ... E-Wan and E-Soh both realize that they are becoming rivals for Kum-Ji's affection, but what will become of their feelings when Kum-Ji quits? Also, Kum-Ji goes ...
NADH Peroxidase - Reaction Mechanism
... unique in that it utilizes the Cys42 thiol/sulfenic acid (-SH/-SOH) redox couple in the heterolytic cleavage of the peroxide bond to catalyze the two-electron reduction of hydrogen peroxide to water ... of the wild-type peroxidase involves (1) NADH reduction of E(FAD, Cys42-SOH) to EH2(FAD, Cys42-SH) in an initial priming step (2) rapid binding of NADH to EH2 (3 ... however, and the precise details of Cys42-SOH reduction have not been elucidated ...
State Of Health - SOH Threshold
... the battery management system evaluates the SOH of a battery is arbitrary ... Similarly, the SOH threshold below which an application deems a particular battery unsuitable is also arbitrary a given application may accept a battery ...
State Of Health - SOH Evaluation - Parameters
... As SOH does not correspond to a particular physical quality, there is no consensus in the industry on how SOH should be determined ... (singly or in combination) to derive an arbitrary value for the SOH ... arbitrary weight for each of the parameter's contribution to the SOH value ...
Soh Hang-suen
... Soh Hang-suen (1951 – 12 June 2013), also known as So Hung-shuen, was a TVB actor ... Soh worked for TVB during its Golden Age, joining in 1974, and was most notable for her role in Looking Back in Anger ... Soh now operates her own vegetarian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui ...