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The list shows those types which were at least partially built. Data and naming style from Liron (1990).

Etablissements Adolphe Bernard

  • Bernard AB 1 Twin engine medium bomber. 11 built. 1918. The AB 2 was a proposed higher power version.
  • Bernard AB 3 Post carrying version of AB 1, 1920.
  • Bernard AB 4 Unfinished passenger version of AB 2, exhibited 1919.

Société Industrielle des Métaux et du Bois (S.I.M.B.)

  • Bernard AB.C1 Fighter, 1922 redesignated AB 10 before first flight.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 3M Twin fuselage, three engine bomber. Two unfinished, 1923. The AB 3 T was a proposed civil version.
  • Bernard SIMB V.1 Racer. One built, 1924.
  • Bernard SIMB V.2 V.1 with shorter span. One built, 1924. The V.3 was a proposed development with retractable undercarriage.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 10 Revision of AB.C1, 1924.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 10T Three engined, eighteen seat seaplane, unfinished, 1925.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 12 Fighter. One built, 1926.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 14 Fighter. One built, 1925.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 15 Fighter. One built, 1926.
  • Bernard SIMB AB 16 Three engine, five seat "colonial" type. One built, 1927.

Société des Avions Bernard (S.A.B.)

  • Bernard 18 Eight seat transports. Two built, 1927
  • Bernard 190 Ten seat transports, Fourteen built, 1928.
  • Bernard 20 Single seat fighter. One built, 1929.
  • Bernard 30 T Twin fuselage transport. Unfinished 1931.
  • Bernard HV 40 Single-seat racing floatplane. One built 1929.
  • Bernard HV 41 Single-seat racing floatplane. One built 1929.
  • Bernard HV 42 Single-seat racing training floatplane. Three built, one converted from HV 41, 1931.
  • Bernard H 52 Single-seat catapult launched floatplane fighter. Two built, 1933.
  • Bernard 60 T Three engine fourteen seat transport. Two built, 1929.
  • Bernard 70 Series of single seat, single engine sports and fighters. Three built, 1929.
  • Bernard 80 GR Long range record holder. One built, 1930. Modified into 81 GR.
  • Bernard 82 Bomber variants of Bernard 80. Two built, 1933. The Bernard 86 was an experimental diesel powered modification, 1936.
  • Bernard H 110 Single seat floatplane fighter. One built, 1935.
  • Bernard HV 120 Single seat racing floatplane. Two built, 1930.
  • Bernard 160 Colonial military multi-role aircraft. Two built, 1932.
  • Bernard 200 Series of three/four seat light aircraft. Four built, 1932.
  • Bernard HV 220 Single-seat racing floatplane. One built, 1931.
  • Bernard 260 Single seat fighter. Two built, one flown, 1932.
  • Bernard HV 320 Single seat racing seaplane. Not flown, 1931.
  • Bernard V.4 Derivative of HV 120. Not flown, 1933.

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