Smelted Iron

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History Of Metallurgy In The Indian Subcontinent - Archaeology - Indus Valley Civilization
... The early use of iron may have developed from the practice of copper-smelting ... While there is to date no proven evidence for smelted iron in the Indus Valley Civilization, iron ore and iron items have been unearthed in eight Indus ... There remains the possibility that some of these items were made of smelted iron, and the term "krsna ayas" might possibly also refer to these iron items, even if they are not made of smelted iron ...
Dagger - Early History
... revealed two daggers, one with a gold blade, and one of smelted iron ... Iron ore was not found in Egypt, making the iron dagger rare, and the context suggests that the iron dagger was valued on a level equal to that of its ceremonial ... One of the earliest objects made of smelted iron dates is a dagger dating to before 2000 BC, found in a context that suggests it was treated as an ornamental object of great ...
History Of Metallurgy In The Indian Subcontinent - Archaeology
... Chakrabarti (1976) has identified six early iron-using centres in India Baluchistan, the Northwest, the Indo-Gangetic divide and the upper Gangetic valley, eastern India, Malwa and Berar in ... The central Indian region seems to be the earliest iron-using centre ... According to Tewari, iron using and iron "was prevalent in the Central Ganga Plain and the Eastern Vindhyas from the early second millennium BC." The ...

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    And thus we rust Life’s iron chain
    Degraded and alone:
    And some men curse, and some men weep,
    And some men make no moan:
    But God’s eternal Laws are kind
    And break the heart of stone:
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)