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Examples of Disruptive Innovations
... as this market grew and the drives improved, the companies that manufactured them eventually triumphed while many of the existing manufacturers of eight inch drives fell behind ... The convenience of small memory cards and portable hard drives that hold hundreds or thousands of pictures, as well as the lack of the need to develop these pictures, also helped ... However, it catered to a small customer segment, which could later afford small private sub-sonic jets ...
Contrat Nouvelle Embauche - Clauses - Small Companies
... The CNE is applicable only to new long-term employees of any age, in small firms with no more than 20 employees ...
Contrat Nouvelle Embauche - Support - Improvement of Employment Market Through Flexibility
... prime minister Dominique de Villepin, improving flexibility to fire would help small companies to be less reluctant to hire new employees ... been asking for more flexibility to companies, and many consider the globalization makes the current highly protective labour law unaffordable ... The "two years" period brings a major flexibility in the way small companies employers will be able to consider hiring without the fear of probation period deadline of usual long term ...

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    In the U.S. for instance, the value of a homemaker’s productive work has been imputed mostly when she was maimed or killed and insurance companies and/or the courts had to calculate the amount to pay her family in damages. Even at that, the rates were mostly pink collar and the big number was attributed to the husband’s pain and suffering.
    Gloria Steinem (20th century)

    In the pink light
    the small red sun goes rolling, rolling,
    round and round and round at the same height
    in perpetual sunset,
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)