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List Of Totally Spies! Characters - Recurring Villains - Willard
... Willard, a mad scientist, is an extremely slow man ... that the rest of the world was too fast for him, Willard invented a beam that slows down molecular movement, and in Season 2 Episode "Alex Quits" attempted to use ... spies (including new recruit Britney) with his slow ray, but was ultimately defeated by Alex and Britney ...
Slow Pain - Albums
... Night Ballin') (1995) (Baby OG) (1996) (Slow Pain Baby (To The Left, To The Right) (1996) (Money Maid) (1996) (Ride Wit Me) (1999) (Hustling Ain't Dead) (2000) (Hit List) (2001) (Lil' Don ... Town Mafia Live From The Hot Boxx) (2004) (Old Side Stories The Streets Edition) (2006) (Slow Pain Presents - Old Town Mafia - Saga Continues) (2006) (Old ...
Slow Motion Addict — The Film
... album a feature length film was made called Slow Motion Addict, including a video for 12 of the 13 songs featured on Slow Motion Addict ... Carina Round stars in twelve episodes based around tracks from her new album, Slow Motion Addict ...
Saurashtra Cricket Team - Current Squad
... medium Shitanshu Kotak (1972-10-19) 19 October 1972 (age 40) Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox Chirag Pathak (1987-02-02) 2 February 1987 (age 26) Left-handed ...
Classic Hits Live/Best Of Live - Personnel
... Moonlight Can't Slow Down Compilations Records The Very Best.. ... Live albums Classic Hits Live/Best of Live Extended Versions Can't Slow Down...When It's Live! Singles "Feels Like the First Time" "Starrider" "Cold as Ice" "Long, Long Way from Home" "Hot ...

More definitions of "slow":

  • (adv): Without speed ('slow' is sometimes used informally for 'slowly').
    Example: "Please go slow so I can see the sights"
    Synonyms: slowly, easy, tardily
  • (adj): Not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time.
    Example: "A slow walker"; "the slow lane of traffic"; "her steps were slow"; "he was slow in reacting to the news"; "slow but steady growth"
  • (adj): Slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity.
    Example: "Worked with the slow students"
    Synonyms: dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse
  • (adv): Of timepieces.
    Example: "The clock is almost an hour slow"
    Synonyms: behind
  • (adj): At a slow tempo.
    Example: "The band played a slow waltz"
  • (adj): (used of timepieces) indicating a time earlier than the correct time.
    Example: "The clock is slow"
  • (adj): (of business) not active or brisk.
    Synonyms: dull, sluggish

Famous quotes containing the word slow:

    Angels may be very excellent sort of folk in their own way, but we, poor mortals in our present state, would probably find them precious slow company.
    Jerome K. Jerome (1859–1927)

    the slow passion
    to that deliberate progress.
    Thom Gunn (b. 1929)

    O you sand,
    this is my command,
    drown all men in slow breathless suffocation
    then they may understand.
    Hilda Doolittle (1886–1961)