Slovene Verbs

Slovene Verbs

In Slovene, the verbs are conjugated for 3 persons and 3 numbers. There are 4 tenses (present, past, pluperfect, and future), 3 moods (indicative, imperative, and conditional) and 2 voices (active and passive). Verbs also have 4 participles and 2 verbal nouns (infinitive and supine). Not all combinations of the above are possible for every case. Further information about the grammar of the Slovene language can be found in the article Slovene grammar.

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Sample Conjugations of Slovene Verbs
... pattern for each of the 5 classes, as well as the irregular verbs ... The following is the conjugation of the athematic Slovene verbs dati (to give), vedeti (to know), jesti (to eat), and biti (to be) ... Class VI Athematic Verb dati (to give) Tenses Number Person Present Indicative Past Indicative (1) Pluperfect Indicative (1) Future Indicative (1) Imperative Present ...

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