Skyboom Shield

The Skyboom Shield is a device in the Transformers: Armada series.

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List Of Transformers: Armada Episodes - Season 2
... that the Mini-con they've just found is part of the Skyboom Shield that can block the Star Saber 15 "Gale" Hot Shot is extremely proud of his new victory over the 'Cons ... aid of Scavenger get the second Mini-Con for the Skyboom Shield ... The third Mini-con of the Skyboom Shield, being Downshift, activates and searches for his mates ...
Transformers: Armada - Plot
... Decepticons, urging them to locate the components of the Skyboom Shield, another Mini-Con weapon that can counter the power of the Star Saber ... When the Decepticons complete the Skyboom Shield, a mighty battle ensues that ends with the Autobots gaining possession of the shield ... by Thrust (himself being manipulated by Sideways) into stealing the Skyboom Shield and star saber and rejoining the Decepticons ...
Mini-Con - Anime Series - Transformers: Armada and Energon
... race, who had apparently gained control of the Skyboom Shield Mini-Cons ... Following the successful formation of the Star Saber, the next target became the Skyboom Shield, which was successfully acquired by the Decepticons, who ... In the ensuing battle, however, the Skyboom Shield fell into Autobot hands, and when it and the Star Saber met, an incredible energy flare was released as the ...
Skyboom Shield - Transformers: Armada - Toys
... Armada Race Team Packaged together these three Mini-Con could combine into the Skyboom Shield ... Armada Road Assault Team The Road Assault Mini-Con Team was repackaged with the Space Team as a discount six pack of Mini-Cons under the Energon label ...
List Of Transformers: Armada Episodes - Season 3
... Megatron fires the Requiem Blaster at Starscream, but Smokescreen blocks the shot with the Skyboom Shield ... in combination with Starscream's Star Saber and the Autobots' Skyboom Shield ... Starscream at all, but they head out, with Jetfire wielding the Skyboom and Starscream wielding the Star Saber ...

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