• (adj): Having or showing or requiring special skill.
    Example: "Only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team"; "a skilled surgeon has many years of training and experience"; "a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow"; "a skilled trade"

Some articles on skilled:

Skills For Change
... of sector-specific employment preparation programs for highly skilled new immigrants ... language and career training, it supports and eases the labour market integration of skilled immigrants in a variety of professions ... and mentoring opportunities that support and promote the labour market integration of skilled immigrants in a variety of professions ...
Scarlet Ann Starfox - The Solar Foxes - Erica Starfox
... Foxy is a skilled astro-navigator with a savvy for technology and computers ... She's also a skilled pick pocket and code breaker (skills she acquired doing things her parents would not be very happy to know about) ... Aside from that, she's a skilled marksman and loves weapons ...
Lady Vic - Powers and Abilities
... Elaine is a highly skilled martial artist and athlete, and equally skilled with firearms ... employed by Blockbuster, Elaine is one of the most skilled, certainly more skilled than Brutale, Stallion, or Electrocutioner, though not on the level of opponents such as Nightwing or Batman ...
Skill (labor) - Relative Supply of Skilled Labor
... and colleges contribute to the increase in the supply of skilled labor ... - In the United States such factors have caused an overall increase in the supply of skilled labor during the 20th century ... The shift from unskilled to skilled labor can be attributed to increases in human capital, or in other words increasing the efficiency of humans through investment in ...
Slavery In India - Export of Indian Slaves To International Markets
... High demand for skilled slaves, and India's larger and more advanced textile industry and agricultural production, architecture, demonstrated to its neighbours that skilled labour was ... After sacking Delhi, Timur enslaved several thousand skilled artisans, presenting many of these slaves to his subordinate elite, although reserving the ... Young female slaves fetched higher market price than skilled construction slaves, sometimes by 150% ...

Famous quotes containing the word skilled:

    No skilled hands
    caress a stranger’s flesh with lucid oil before
    a word is spoken
    no feasting
    before a tale is told, before
    the stranger tells his name.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    Apart from the fact that women posess the equipment for lactation, mothers seem no more predisposed to, or innately skilled at, child care than are fathers, siblings or non parents. Besides, women obviously come in a variety of shapes, sizes, talents and temperaments. Why shouldn’t they vary in degrees of motherhood?
    Shari Thurer (20th century)

    Most works of art are effectively treated as commodities and most artists, even when they justly claim quite other intentions, are effectively treated as a category of independent craftsmen or skilled workers producing a certain kind of marginal commodity.
    Raymond Williams (1921–1988)