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Michael - Short Form and Other Versions
... "Mic", "Misha" (common in Russia) and "Mickey" are short forms of, or nicknames for, Michael as a given name ... The Irish language version of the name Michael is usually spelt Mícheál but is also sometimes spelt Micheál or simply Micheal ... Meik and Maik are German short forms of Michael ...
Seymour Family - Sir Michael Seymour
... A younger branch of the great house of Seymour is said to have settled in Ireland in the reign of Elizabeth, from which Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Baronet (1768-1834) claimed descent ... Sir Michael, like so many of his name, was an officer in the navy, in which he rendered much distinguished service in the last decade of the 18th century ... In 1809 he was created a baronet (see Culme-Seymour baronets) ...
Just War Theory - List of Just War Theorists
1913–1988) John Rawls (1921–2002) Murray Rothbard (1926–1995) Michael Quinlan (1930–2009) Michael Novak (1933–) Michael Walzer (1935–) Ron ...
Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Baronet - Family
... Michael Seymour's younger brother, Richard, also joined the navy, reaching the rank of lieutenant ... Michael Seymour married Jane in 1797, and the couple had five sons and three daughters ... His third and fourth sons, Michael and Edward, followed their father into the navy ...
List Of Humorists
... Sholom Aleichem Henry Alford Baba Ali Woody Allen Michael "Atters" Attree Arthur "Bugs" Baer Russell Baker Linwood Barclay Dave Barry Robert Benchley Stefano Benni ... Gad Elmaleh Evan Esar John O'Farrell Max Ferguson Will Ferguson Scott Fivelson Michael Flanders Michael Frayn Ian Frazier Lewis Burke Frumkes Rémi Gaillard Neil Gaiman James Finn Garner ... McManus Michael Moore John Bingham Morton Ebrahim Nabavi Petroleum V ...

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