Sir Henry Havelock-allan

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Sir Henry Havelock-Allan, 2nd Baronet
... Sir Henry Spencer Moreton Havelock-Allan, 2nd Baronet DL (30 January 1872 – 28 October 1953) was a Liberal Party politician in the United Kingdom ... Havelock-Allan was born at Blackwell Grange, the eldest son of Sir Henry Havelock-Allan ... Whilst still an MP, Havelock-Allan joined the 17th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers and fought in France in the First World War, where he was wounded in 1916 ...
Wars Of Scottish Independence - The Second War of Independence: 1332–1357
... Edward III also had the support of a group of Scottish nobles, led by Balliol and Henry Beaumont, known as the 'Disinherited.' This group of nobles had supported the English in the ... of Dupplin Moor, Balliol's army, commanded by Henry Beaumont, defeated the larger Scottish force ... When the slaughter was finally over, the Earl of Mar, Sir Robert Bruce (an illegitimate son of Robert the Bruce), many nobles and around 2,000 Scots had been slain ...
List Of Agnostics - List - Science, Technology
... Sir David Attenborough (born 1926), English natural history presenter and anthropologist ... James Henry Breasted (1865–1935), American archaeologist and historian ... Henry Cavendish (1731–1810), British scientist ...
Edmund Burke - French Revolution: 1688 Versus 1789
... You will see that Sir Edward Coke, that great oracle of our law, and indeed all the great men who follow him, to Blackstone, are industrious to prove the pedigree of our ... said, no, Sir, not more than usual—You have and very well employed too, but there are none so deaf as those that w'ont hear, and none so blind as those that w'ont see— made a low ... It is said Lord Stair—Your Majesty's adopting it, Sir, will make the opinion general, said —I know it is the general opinion, and I know that there is no Man who calls himself a Gentleman that must not ...

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    He first deceas’d; She for a little tri’d
    To live without him: lik’d it not, and di’d.
    Sir Henry Wotton (1568–1639)

    Over Sir John’s hill,
    The hawk on fire hangs still;
    In a hoisted cloud, at drop of dusk, he pulls to his claws
    And gallows, up the rays of his eyes the small birds of the bay....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)