Silpakorn University - Faculties and Schools

Faculties and Schools

Silpakorn University consists of 13 faculties, a graduate school and a college:

  • Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic arts
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Archaeology
    • Department of Archaeology - B.A. (Archaeology), M.A.(Historic Archaeology), M.A.(Pre-historic Archaeology),

M.A. (Cultural Resource Management)

    • Department of Anthropology - B.A. (Anthropology), M.A. (Anthropology)
    • Department of Art History - B.A. (Art History), M.A.(Art History)
    • Department of Oriental language - B.A. (Thai), B.A. (Oriental language), M.A. (Oriental Epigraphy), M.A. (Thai Epigraphy), M.A. (Archives and Records Management)
    • Department of Western language - B.A. (English), B.A. (French), M.A. (French for Cultural Tourism)
    • Section of History - Minor (History)
    • Sanskrit Studies
  • Faculty of Decorative Arts
    • Department of Interior Design (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Visual Communication Design (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Product Design (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Applied Arts Studies (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Ceramics (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Jewelry Design (B.F.A.)
    • Department of Fashion Design (B.F.A.)
  • Faculty of Arts
    • Department of English - B.A (English)
    • Department of Thai - B.A (Thai)
    • Department of French - B.A (French)
    • Department of German - B.A (German)
    • Department of History - B.A (History)
    • Department of Geography - B.A (Geography)
    • Department of Music and Dramatic Art - B.A (Theatre)
    • Department of Philosophy - B.A (Philosophy)
    • Department of Social Sciences - B.A (Social Sciences for Development)
    • Department of Library Science - B.A (Information and Library Science)
    • Department of Modern Eastern Languages - B.A (Chinese), B.A (Japanese), B.A (Korean), Arabic
    • Division of Visual Arts
  • Faculty of Education established on June 18, 1970 by M.L. Pin Malakul
    • English Major (B.Ed.)
    • Thai Major (B.Ed.)
    • Social Science Major (B.Ed.)
    • Early Childhood Major (B.Ed.)
    • Elementary Major (B.Ed.)
    • Technology Major (B.Ed.)
    • Life Long Education Major (B.Ed.)
    • Psychology Major (B.A.)
    • Sport Science Major (B.Sc.)
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology
    • Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE.)
      • Petrochemical and Polymeric Materials Engineering Program (P.E.)
      • Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering Program (NANO.)
    • Department of Food Technology (FT.)
      • Food Technology Program (FOOD TECH)
    • Department of Biotechnology (BT.)
      • Biotechnology Program (BIOT.)
      • Bioprocess Engineering Program (BIOPROCESS)
    • Department of Industrial Engineering & Management (IE.)
      • Industrial Engineering program (IE.)
      • Management and Logistics system Engineering Program (ML.)
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME.)
      • Machanical Engineering Program (ME.)
      • Business Engineering (BE.)
    • Department of Chemical Engineering (CH.E.)
      • Chemical Engineering Program (CH.E.)
    • Department of Electrical Engineering (EE.)
      • Electrical and Computer System Engineering Program (ECS.)
  • Faculty of Animal Science and Agricultural Technology
    • Division of Animal Science and Agricultural Technology
      • B.Sc. in Animal Science and Agricultural Technology
    • Division of Aquatic Animal Production Technology
      • B.Sc. in Aquatic Animal Production
    • Division of Crop Production Technology
      • B.Sc. in Crop Production Technology
    • Division of Veterinary Technology
    • Division of Foundation of Animal Science
  • Faculty of Music
  • Graduate School
  • Faculty of Management Science
    • B.BA. in General Business Management
    • B.BA. in Marketing
    • B.BA. in Business Management and English
    • B.BA. in Hotel and Lodging Business
    • B.A. in Tourism Management
    • B.A. in Community Management
    • B.PA. in Public Administration
  • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
    • Communication Arts Program (B.A.)
    • B.Sc Business information Technology
    • B.Sc. Design information Technology
  • Silpakorn University International College
    • B.B.A. in Hotel Management (Double Degree with Vatel International Business School, France)
    • B.F.A. in Multimedia Design (Double Degree with Birmingham City University, U.K)
    • M.B.A. in Hotel & Tourism Management (Double Degree with Vatel International Business School, France)
    • M.B.A. in International Business (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (International Program)

In cooperation with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia for a Study Tour). Silpakorn University International College, located at the Office of the President Silpakorn University in Taling Chan announced newest program. The International Business (MBA) program was created to full fill the ever growing need of human resources who are versed and capable of succeeding in a globalized environment. The duration of this program is a total of 4 semesters or a total of 2 years with convenient weekend class sessions. This allows students to work and study. As part of this MBA students are required to participate in a mandatory study tour to Sydney and attend a variety of lessons at the University of Technology Sydney as well as attend on a variety of Industrial visits. This study trip is organized by UTS and managed jointly between UTS and SUIC. The entire program subscribes to a “ Problem based learning approach” where students are actively engaged and play a major role in the learning process. Each semester students can enroll in up to 4 subjects. All faculty are carefully selected by the Program Manager Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs.

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