Sillitoe Tartan Banding

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Chicago Police Department - Structure - Insignia
... bands on its headgear, known as the Sillitoe Tartan after its originator, Percy Sillitoe, Chief Constable of Glasgow, Scotland in the 1930s ... Where British, Australian and New Zealand Sillitoe tartans feature three rows of smaller squares, Chicago's has two rows of larger squares ... knit caps, dog collars, and horse browbands all bear the Sillitoe tartan the edge of the ball caps' bills show a narrow, flattened Silitoe tartan ...
Wiltshire Police - Presentation - Headgear
... or 'Wiltshire Police' for foot patrol, and a black peaked cap with Sillitoe tartan banding for when on mobile patrol in vehicles ... Female officers wear a black bowler hat with Sillitoe tartan banding for foot patrol and mobile patrol ... Traffic officers wear a white peaked cap with Sillitoe tartan banding, or a white bowler with Sillitoe tartan banding hat for mobile patrol ...
Battenburg Markings - History - Sillitoe Tartan
... In addition to the advantages in effectiveness tests, the pattern was also reminiscent of the Sillitoe Tartan pattern of black-and-white or blue-and-white chequered markings, first introduced by City of ... the police introduced retro-reflective Sillitoe tartan markings to their uniforms, usually in blue and white ...

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