Sikh Religious Society of Chicago

Sikh Religious Society Of Chicago The Sikh Religious Society Palatine, IL is a Not-for-Profit Religious Organization incorporated in 1972. It manages the largest Gurdwaara Sahib (Sikh Worship Center) of Midwest America at 1280 Winnetka Street, Palatine on a Campus spread over fourteen acres of land at a prime location in Chicago's metropolitan area. In a seven day a week religious program, devotees visit the Gurdwaara Sahib to make prayers, listen to the Sikh hymns, (Kirtan) and discourses on Spirituality.

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Sikh Religious Society Of Chicago - Granthi Sahibs
... Bhai Gurjant Singh Khalsa has been appointed as the Head Granthi for Sikh Religious Society of Chicago. ...

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