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Little-endian - Diagram For Mapping Registers To Memory Locations
... Big endianness's atomic units (in this example the atomic unit is the byte) and memory coordinate system increases in the diagram from left to right, while ... to remember is "In Little Endian, The Least significant byte goes into the Lowest value slot" ... So in the above example, D, the least significant byte, goes into slot 0 ...
16-, 32- or 64-bit words, 8-bit bytes, or even bits ... The most common cases refer to how bytes are ordered within a single 16-, 32-, or 64-bit word, and endianness is then the same as byte order ... The usual contrast is whether the most significant or least significant byte is ordered first—i.e ...
TI MSP430 - Peripherals - Integrated Peripherals
... capable it has several flaws, the most significant of which is the lack of an external transfer strobe ... DMA to and from external sources is limited to external trigger per byte transfers, rather than full blocks automatically via DMA ... This can lead to significant complexity (as in requiring extensive hand tweaking of code) when implementing processor to processor or processor to USB communications ...

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