SIGCHI - Executive Committee

Executive Committee

SIGCHI is governed by an Executive Committee (EC) which is composed of officers elected by SIGCHI members, the immediate past chair, the editors of SIGCHI publications, and other appointed members.

The current SIGCHI EC officers are:

  • Gerrit van der Veer – President
  • Elizabeth F. Churchill – Executive Vice President
  • Loren Terveen – Vice President for Membership and Communication
  • Gary Olson – Vice President for Finance
  • John C. Thomas – Vice President at Large
  • Paula Kotzé – Vice President at Large
  • Dan Olsen – Vice President for Publication
  • John "Scooter" Morris – Vice President for Conferences
  • Tuomo Kujala – Vice President for Chapters
  • Fred Sampson – Vice President for Operations
  • Julie Jacko – Past President
  • Ron Wakkary – Editor-in-Chief of ACM interactions
  • Erik Stolterman – Editor-in-Chief of ACM interactions
  • Ashley Cozzi – ACM Liaison
  • Fran Spinola – ACM Liaison

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