Shurangama Samadhi Sutra - Contents - Powers of The Buddha

Powers of The Buddha

The sutra describes the 100 powers and abilities which the Buddha or 10th-level Bodhisattvas can perform, while operating from within this samādhi state.

Amongst the wonders which the Buddha can perform whilst in this state of Śūraṅgama Samādhi are:

  • The projection or conjuration of 84,000 other buddhas, identical replicas of himself and equally real;
  • Being able to change sex at will;
  • Placing immense Buddha Paradises (universes) into a single pore of the skin;
  • Always presiding over the superknowledges (abhijna);
  • Always emitting rays of light over all universes without exception;
  • Being able to speak and understand all languages of all universes;
  • Possessing a knowledge which is profound and unfathomable.

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