Shroud (disambiguation)

Shroud (disambiguation)

A shroud is a burial cloth. Shroud may also refer to:

  • Shroud (comics), a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Shroud (sailing), a rope that gives support to the masts in sailing ships
  • Shroud (novel), a novel by John Banville
  • Shroud (computing), to obfuscate code to make it harder for humans to read/understand
  • Shroud of Turin, an ancient linen cloth believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ
  • Barrel shroud, a covering attached to the barrel of a firearm
  • Shroud, an ability in the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.
  • Epitaphios (liturgical) is the shroud used in the Eastern Orthodox Church during Holy Week
  • Shroud, (in engineering) is a surrounding duct that guides airflow through a jet engine or similar machine.
  • Fumine Sonozaki, a fictional villain in Kamen Rider W also known as "Shroud"

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Famous quotes containing the word shroud:

    It is not however, adulthood itself, but parenthood that forms the glass shroud of memory. For there is an interesting quirk in the memory of women. At 30, women see their adolescence quite clearly. At 30 a woman’s adolescence remains a facet fitting into her current self.... At 40, however, memories of adolescence are blurred. Women of this age look much more to their earlier childhood for memories of themselves and of their mothers. This links up to her typical parenting phase.
    Terri Apter (20th century)