Shock Wave (Six Flags Over Texas) - Colors


Throughout the years, Shock Wave has undergone several re-paintings with different color schemes. When it first opened, the attraction's track and supports were all-white. The solid white color lasted only two years as it quickly became dirty. The second color scheme, introduced in 1980, featured dark blue track and supports. Since then, the ride has been repainted light blue, then silver with navy blue supports. During Time-Warner's ownership of the park the ride was painted with white track, yellow supports and pink loops. The operators jokingly referred to the ride as "fruit loops." The seventh color scheme of blue track with red supports came about in 1996. 2001 marked the 40th anniversary of the park, and Shock Wave once again was given a new coat of paint — this time royal blue supports with a bright green track. That paint job remained on the coaster until 2012, when Shock Wave was finally given a much-needed new coat of paint. SImilar to the previous color scheme, the present colors are royal blue supports, with a slightly brighter shade of green track.

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