Shimo-fukushima Park

Shimo-fukushima Park (Japanese:Shimo-Fukushima-Kōen, 下福島公園) is a public, urban park, situated at 4 chōme Fukushima in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan.

The park was constructed at the former spinning factory of Dai-Nihon Spinning Company (current company is Unitika, Ltd.), and largest in Fukushima ward. In the park, spinning factory's old brick wall constructed around 1894 is still remained, which stops the fire spread of air raid at the World War II.

The legend says that here is a cradle place of Wisteria floribunda (Japanese:Noda-Fuji), some Wisteria floribunda is cultivated even today in the park. Fuji-An garden (Japanese Fuji-An no Niwa) where Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ashikaga Yoshiakira visited, is also restored in the park.

At 2001, public pool and training centre is renewed and it is operated by Konami Sports Co.Ltd. recent years.

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