Shelem - Glossary


  • Seesawing (Arreh keshi) - Term given to the situation when no bidding suit remains, except in the bidder hands and the bidder mate is holding and playing another winning suit from high to low, helping the bidder get rid of his holes.
  • Khâli kardan- Term given to the situation were the claiming team can't succeed to get their bid value.
  • Hole- A suit or sometimes suits which are the bid-winner player weak points.
  • Hole-Free - When the bid-winner player has no weakness in his hand, his hand is called Hole-Free hand.
  • Molali Koor - Literally means: Blind Clergy Ali's Hand. It is a hand that Shelems no matter what the team-mate has. This hand is hole-free and usually happens a couple of times in a 1200-point tournament.
  • Jozve Khaan - Literally means: Booklet reader, and refers to players who have read the booklet of Shelem.
  • Poisson distribution of hands - Refers to the equally distributed hands by means of their power.
  • Zamin - Literally means: Ground. The initial four cards which are set aside by the dealer.
  • NaderShelem- Term given to the situation when the "hakem" forgets his "hokm".
  • Chagh Kardan (khorak)- term given to play a card which has a point: 5, 10 or ace

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