Shed (weaving) - Rising Shed Loom

Rising Shed Loom

Two different shedding methods were developed for the harness loom-one where any one harness or combination of harnesses was lifted while the other harnesses remained stationary. This type of loom is known as a rising shed loom, and examples include the table loom, dobby loom or the Jack loom. The other method used in harness looms is where some harnesses are raised while others are lowered. The second method lessened the effort of lifting the selected harnesses because they no longer needed to be raised as high as in a rising shed loom. Counterbalance and countermarch looms are of this second type.

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    If our web be framed with rotten handles, when our loom is well nigh done, our work is new to begin. God send the weaver true prentices again, and let them be denizens.
    Elizabeth I (1533–1603)

    I open with a clock striking, to beget an awful attention in the audience—it also marks the time, which is four o’clock in the morning, and saves a description of the rising sun, and a great deal about gilding the eastern hemisphere.
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751–1816)

    Odour of blood on the ancestral stair!
    And we that have shed none must gather there
    And clamour in drunken frenzy for the moon.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)