Shape Resonance

A shape resonance is a metastable state in which an electron is trapped due the shape of a potential barrier. Altunata describes a state as being a shape resonance if, "the internal state of the system remains unchanged upon disintegration of the quasi-bound level." A more general discussion of resonances and their taxonomies in molecular system can be found in the review article by Schulz,; for the discovery of the Fano resonance line-shape and for the Majorana pioneering work in this field by Antonio Bianconi; and for a mathematical review by Combes et al.

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Shape Resonance - Quantum Mechanics
... In quantum mechanics, a shape resonance, in contrast to a Feshbach resonance, is a resonance which is not turned into a bound state if the coupling between some ... More simply, the shape resonance total energy is more than the separated fragment energy ... Related terms include a special kind of shape resonance, the core-excited shape resonance, and trap-induced shape resonance ...

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