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List Of Speed Racer: The Next Generation Episodes - Episodes - Season 2: 2011–TBA
... Jesse spy on Speed and the gang for the Shadowy Woman and the Committee 30 "Together We Stand, Part 1" Jay Surridge Adeline Colangelo April 14, 2011 (2011-04-14 ... it is time for the final team race, the Shadowy Woman contacts her and orders her to make sure that Speed and the Mach 6 are sabotaged by one of the men ... However despite the Shadowy Woman's threats, Annalise takes the hit for Speed instead but loses her car in the process 31 "Together We Stand, Part 2" Jay Surridge Adam Moerder April 21, 2011 (2011-04-21) 205 The ...
List Of Speed Racer: The Next Generation Characters - Antagonists - Shadowy Woman
3" has led people to believe that the woman who caught Alpha Leader walking around can be the Shadowy Woman ...
List Of Speed Racer: The Next Generation Characters - Antagonists - Handles Mustache
... Headmaster Mustache is loyal to the Shadowy Woman, and is more than willing to use his students to further the plans of Shadow Committee ... for failure, turning them over to the Shadowy Woman to receive the proper punishment. 1 and 2," the Shadowy Woman deems him of no further use and orders the destruction of Alpha Academy ...

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