Seva may refer to:

  • Volunteer work; selfless service; work offered to God (in Indian religions)
  • The Seva Foundation, a non-profit foundation that fights blindness and poverty
  • Seva, Barcelona, a municipality in the comarca of Osona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Abbreviation of East Slavic name Vsevolod
  • Seva (short story), by Puerto Rican author Luis López Nieves.
  • Seva (Puerto Rico) is a fictional town described in the novel Seva by Luis López Nieves
SEVA (acronym)
  • Stand-up Extra-vehicular activity, an activity in which an astronaut partially emerges into space

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Seva (Puerto Rico)
... Seva is a fictional town described in the novel Seva, by Puerto Rican writer Luis López Nieves ... "Seva" is considered to be one of the most important short stories ever published in Puerto Rico ...
Shoshit Seva Sangh
... The Shoshit Seva Sangh is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation based in Patna created to fund charitable projects which deal with relief from poverty ... Its charter states that the Shoshit Seva Sangh aims to assist the underprivileged irrespective of their religion, race, caste, creed or gender, and ...
Seva In Tirumala - Daily Sevas - Ekanta Seva
... Ekanta Seva is the last seva performed to Lord Venkateswara before closing the temple for that particular day ... This is called ekantha seva ... This pavalimpu seva is an arjitha seva ...
Seva (short Story)
... "Seva A History of the First American Invasion of the Island of Puerto Rico in May 1898" is a short story written by Puerto Rican author Luis López Nieves ... "Seva" tells the story of Dr ... evidence of the destruction of the town of Seva by American forces during the Spanish-American War ...
Seva (Puerto Rico) - History
... The date of the foundation of the fictitious town of Seva is unknown, but the town's demise on August 1898 is amply documented in the book Seva, by Luis López ... Puerto Rico begins on May 5, 1898 when the US Army disembarks on the beaches of the small town of Seva ... On August 10, 1898 the US Army shoots the 720 citizens of Seva that are captured in the final battle ...