Serpentina may refer to:

  • Serpentina (comics), an X-Men character
  • Ulmus × hollandica 'Serpentina', an elm cultivar
  • Serpentina (music band), a Spanish indie pop music band

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Skullfire - Fictional Character Biography
... He is introduced to X-Man Serpentina and then their leader Xi'an ... In the process Serpentina is killed and Tim joins the X-Men, to help create a future where mutants can live free ... the Graverobber sends the reanimated Serpentina to kill Fitz ...
Ceropegia Stapeliiformis
... serpentina (E.A.Bruce) R.A.Dyer The subspecies stapeliiformis is known from areas of karroid scrub in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa ... The subspecies serpentina, which was initially described as Ceropegia serpentina by E ...
The Golden Pot - Plot Summary
... are his three daughters and that the blue-eyed one he fell in love with is his youngest, Serpentina ... Full of love for Serpentina, he begins his new job the next day ... Fortunately, Anselmus obtains help from Serpentina and is able to perform his duties impeccably ...
Forces Of Darkness (Power Rangers) - The Ten Terrors - Serpentina
... Serpentina is a Medusa-like Gorgon monster with a mirror-coated shield (similar to the Aegis of Athena) for a weapon, which can deflect almost any attack ... used a spell to knock her off balance, and Serpentina attempted to attack them when the other Rangers came to their aid ... attempted to use Jenji's Shining Attack, Serpentina managed to get one of her snakes to bite Jenji and then activated her shield, turning Jenji to ...
Forces Of Darkness (Power Rangers) - The Ten Terrors - Hekatoid
... In Hard Heads, Hekatoid was tricked into fighting the Rangers by Serpentina since she knew that it would be her turn to be chosen by the Stone of Judgment ... However, when the Selection Ceremony to choose Serpentina was underway, he was forced to retreat and return to the lair ... to pry the information that Hekatoid was sent by Serpentina to give her an advantage in the next battle ...