Ser Duncan

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Tales Of Dunk And Egg - References in Other Song of Ice and Fire Novels
... Ser Duncan the Tall is listed among notable Commanders of the Kingsguard when Jaime Lannister is self-reflecting in A Storm of Swords, chapter 69 ... in the recordings of Barristan Selmy that he defeated Ser Duncan the Tall in the winter tourney of King's Landing ... me north aboard the Golden Dragon, and insisted that his friend Ser Duncan see me safe to Eastwatch." In the bonus features for Season One of Game of Thrones (on Blu-ray), Robert Baratheon states that this ...

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    Virtuous people are simply those who have ... not been tempted sufficiently, because they live in a vegetative state, or because their purposes are so concentrated in one direction that they have not had the leisure to glance around them.
    —Isadora Duncan (1878–1927)