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N-rule - Definite Article
... number of "n" which means that it doesn't matter whether it's added as a suffix to the word or written as a separate word ... Example Separate word Hin skemmtilega kona ... Example Separate word Hinn hávaxni maður ...
Reduced Instruction Set Computing - Characteristics and Design Philosophy - Hardware Utilization
... in RISC architectures are Uniform instruction format, using a single word with the opcode in the same bit positions in every instruction, demanding less ... might not have any effect on the instructions executed by the processor (because the CPU has a separate instruction and data cache), at least until a special synchronization instruction is issued ... in this space is executed, whether or not the branch is taken (in other words the effect of the branch is delayed) ...

Famous quotes containing the words word and/or separate:

    I was asking for something specific and perfect for my city,
    Whereupon lo! upsprang the aboriginal name.
    Now I see what there is in a name, a word, liquid, sane, unruly,
    musical, self-sufficient,
    I see that the word of my city is that word from of old,
    Because I see that word nested in nests of water-bays, superb,
    Rich, hemm’d thick all around with sailships and steamships, an
    island sixteen miles long, solid-founded,
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    How separate and unearthly love is,
    Or women are, or what they do,
    Or in our young unreal wishes
    Seem to be: synthetic, new,
    And natureless in ecstasies.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)