Sensitive Enteropathy

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Oat Sensitivity - Avenin-sensitive Enteropathy - Immunological Evidence - Cellular Immunity
... In gluten-sensitive enteropathy, prolamins mediate between T-cells and antigen presenting cells, whereas anti-transglutaminase antibodies confer autoimmunity via covalent ... and avenin responsive T-cells, indicating avenin-sensitive enteropathy(ASE) ... Patients with DQ2.5/DQ2.2 tend to be the most prone toward gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE), have the highest risk for GS-EATL, and shows signs of more severe disease at diagnosis ...
Oat Sensitivity - Avenin-sensitive Enteropathy
... Gluten-sensitive enteropathy and its common and more severe form, coeliac disease, results in the increased inflammation of the tissues of the small bowel eventually leading to villus atrophy ... recent review of controlled oat tolerance studies indicated only one documented avenin-sensitive enteropathy (ASE) in 165, placing the risk of ASE at 0.6 ...

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