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Second Hawke Ministry - Cabinet
... Hon Bob Hawke, AC MP Prime Minister Hon Lionel Bowen, MP Deputy Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Minister assisting the Prime Minister for Commonwealth-State Relations, Vice-President of the Executive ... Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (from 16 February 1987) Senator Hon Peter Walsh Minister for Finance, Minister assisting the Prime Minister for Public Service Matters Hon Bill Hayden, MP ...
Second Fisher Ministry
... Australian Labor Party Hon Andrew Fisher, MP Prime Minister and Treasurer Hon Billy Hughes, KC MP Attorney-General Hon Egerton Lee Batchelor, MP Minister for External Affairs (to 8 October 1911 ...
Barton Ministry
... Minister Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs Rt Hon Edmund Barton, KC MP Attorney-General Hon Alfred Deakin, MP Minister for Home Affairs Hon Sir William Lyne, KCMG MP (to 11 August 1903) Rt Hon Sir John ...
Second Fraser Ministry - Cabinet
... Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser, MP Prime Minister Rt Hon Doug Anthony, MP Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for National Resources, Minister for Overseas Trade (NCP) Rt Hon ... Minister for Finance (7 December 1976 to 19 November 1977) Rt Hon Ian Sinclair, MP Minister for Primary Industry (NCP) Senator Rt Hon Reg Withers Minister for Administrative Services, Vice-President of the Executive ... the Prime Minister in Women's Affairs (16 August 1976 to 8 November 1976) Hon Peter Nixon, MP Minister for Transport (NCP) Senator Hon John Carrick Minister for ...

Famous quotes containing the word senator:

    Michael Corleone: My father is no different than any powerful man. Any man who’s responsible for other people. Like a senator or a president.
    Kaye: Do you know how naive you sound?
    Michael Corleone: Why?
    Kaye: Senators and presidents don’t have men killed.
    Mario Puzo (b. 1920)