• (adj): Subject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration.
    Synonyms: seismal

Some articles on seismic:

List Of Earthquakes In California - Preparedness
... through the following processes Earthquake engineering, Earthquake preparedness, Seismic retrofit (including special fasteners, materials, and techniques ... They hope to provide "public education about seismic hazards and methods of reducing or preventing seismic disaster damage." The California Earthquake Authority outlined the risks ...
Seismic To Simulation - Introduction
... Models are based on measurements taken in the field, including well logs, seismic surveys, and production history ... Seismic to simulation enables the quantitative integration of all field data into an updateable reservoir model built by a team of geologists, geophysicists, and engineers ... inversion to determine a set of plausible seismic-derived rock property models at sufficient vertical resolution and heterogeneity for flow simulation ...
Seismic Inversion - Post-stack Seismic Resolution Inversion
... An example of a post-stack seismic resolution inversion technique is the Constrained Sparse-Spike Inversion (CSSI) ... Unlike seismic reflection data (which is an interface property) AI is a rock property ... CSSI transforms seismic data to a pseudo-acoustic impedance log at every trace ...
Seismic To Simulation
... Seismic to Simulation is the process and associated techniques used to develop highly accurate static and dynamic 3D models of hydrocarbon reservoirs for use in predicting future ... reflects the original well logs, seismic data and production history ...
Seismic Inversion - Pre-stack Log-detail Inversion
... The use of multiple-angle-stack seismic volumes in AVA geostatistical inversion enables further evaluation of elastic rock properties and probable ... wavelets, supply the low frequency component not present in the seismic data, and to verify and analyze the final results ... Wavelet analysis is conducted by extracting a filter from each of the seismic volumes using the well elastic (angle or offset) impedance as the desired output ...

Famous quotes containing the word seismic:

    Most near, most dear, most loved and most far,
    Under the window where I often found her
    Sitting as huge as Asia, seismic with laughter,
    George Barker (b. 1913)