Seigenthaler is a family name that may refer to:

  • John Lawrence Seigenthaler (born 1927), an American journalist, writer, and political figure
  • John Michael Seigenthaler (born 1955), an American news anchorman
  • Joseph Seigenthaler (born 1959), an American sculptor and video artist
  • The Seigenthaler incident

Other articles related to "seigenthaler":

John Seigenthaler (anchorman)
... John Michael Seigenthaler ( /ˈsiːɡənθɔːlər/ born December 21, 1955) is an American former news anchor and correspondent who worked for both NBC and MSNBC ... As of July 2008, Seigenthaler joined his family company Seigenthaler Public Relations, but will continue to be based in New York ...
Wikipedia Biography Controversy - Seigenthaler's Public Reaction
... In his November 29, 2005, USA Today editorial, Seigenthaler criticized Congress for Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects ISPs and web sites ... On December 5, 2005, Seigenthaler and Wales appeared jointly on CNN to discuss the matter ... In the CNN interview, Seigenthaler also raised the spectre of increased government regulation of the Web...Can I just say where I'm worried about this leading ...
Victor S. Johnson, Jr. - Later Life
... In 2005, Johnson figured by happenstance in the Seigenthaler incident, a controversy over a hoax posted as a Wikipedia article about prominent Nashville resident John ... Seigenthaler told reporters that Johnson was the first person who alerted him about the article ...
John Seigenthaler (anchorman) - Life and Career
... Seigenthaler is a graduate of Father Ryan High School and Duke University where he received a bachelor of science degree in public policy in 1978 ... Seigenthaler began his television news career in 1980 as a writer and producer at WNGE-TV (now WKRN-TV) in Nashville, Tennessee ... Seigenthaler served as the anchor for the weekend edition of NBC Nightly News for more than seven years of his 11-year tenure with NBC News ...
Wikipedia Biography Controversy - Anonymous Editor Identified
... Seigenthaler wrote an op-ed article describing the particulars of the incident, which appeared in USA Today, of which he had been the founding editorial director ... was published several days later in The Tennessean, at which Seigenthaler was editor-in-chief in the 1970s ... In the article, Seigenthaler detailed his own failed attempts to identify the anonymous person who posted the inaccurate biography ...