Secondary Artillery

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Alsace Class Battleship - Design
... of battleships were studied, all with the same main artillery arrangement, two turrets forward, one turret aft, and the same secondary artillery arrangement (152 mm caliber), all on center line, one triple ... First, the main artillery consists in triple 380 mm turrets, for type n°1, in 406 mm triple turrets, for type n°2, in 380 mm quadruple turrets, for type n°3 ... Second, the anti aircraft artillery, consisting in every case of dual mountings of 100 mm caliber (so-called pseudo turrets), had eight mountings, on types n° 1 ...
Dunkerque Class Battleship - Design - Armament - Secondary Artillery
... The secondary artillery was dual purpose, anti-ship and long-range anti-aircraft, for the first time on capital ships, as was followed by the Royal Navy on the King George V class battleships ... the 150 mm caliber for the anti-ship artillery on the Scharnhorst and the Bismarck battleship classes, and the 152 mm/55 Model 1934 or 1936 on the Littorio class battleships ... ships to have Remote Power Control (RPC) for training and elevating on the main and secondary turrets, but the Sauter-Harlé-Blondel RPC training gear proved unreliable, and ...

Famous quotes containing the words artillery and/or secondary:

    Another success is the post-office, with its educating energy augmented by cheapness and guarded by a certain religious sentiment in mankind; so that the power of a wafer or a drop of wax or gluten to guard a letter, as it flies over sea over land and comes to its address as if a battalion of artillery brought it, I look upon as a fine meter of civilization.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four—of secondary importance is to prepare for being five.
    Jim Trelease (20th century)