Sean Sinjin

Sean Sinjin is the author of the book, Meme, and operates the atheism-education website, He advocates removing religion as an influence from society, and seeks to improve humanity's understanding of its evolutionary past, and responsibility for its future. His book, Meme, is a manual of science and philosophy, which describes novel theories for the nature of the universe and the life it contains (Bether theory, evolution, etc.), and demonstrating the lack of need for a divine presence to provide understanding and purpose for life. Meme, in book form, is currently only available from online retailers such as or Barnes & Noble, or freely available as the widely circulated EBook from the website.

The website is a more succinctly atheism-focused portal for those who wish to educate themselves about reality in a nontheistic context. strongly discourages any perception of it being a cult or communism-affiliated group, stressing its primary function is that of a science-based atheistic philosophy that promotes the equal opportunity for, and provides tools to effectively seek, instinctually defined happiness for everyone. Though there is no formal membership mechanism, to date, hundreds have registered to receive email updates.

Of particular interest and length is the website's weblog, where Sean Sinjin engages in hundreds of correspondences with impassioned believers that attempt to challenge the validity of atheism against their religious faiths. The website also endorses many tenets that will purportedly consolidate and promote a unified logical perspective that attempts to leverage human instincts as the path to find happiness for all. Also, the concept of a weighted-vote meritdemocracy is introduced as a required framework for enacting these principal tenets.

Quite outspoken against all forms of faith-based religions, Sean Sinjin also claims to be one of the most politically oppressed atheists, at the hands of the religious right who feel that atheism should not have a voice.

Sean Sinjin is a member of American Mensa and Intertel.

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