Seal Brown (horse) - Former Theories About The Genetics of Seal Brown

Former Theories About The Genetics of Seal Brown

An early version of the currently-accepted equine Agouti gene theory was first presented in 1951 by Miguel Odriozola in A los colores del caballo, subsequently reviewed by William Ernest Castle in Genetics. This theory prevailed until the 1990s, when discoveries of similar conditions in other species provided alternate explanations.

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Seal Brown (horse) - Former Theories About The Genetics of Seal Brown - Extension-brown and Dominant Black
... The implication was that the seal brown coat color, which is often quite nearly black, could be produced by this allele ... Sponenberg suggested an Extension-brown (EB) allele, dominant over the wildtype E ... responsible for black countershading, or sootiness, which would distinguish all shades of brown from all shades of bay ...

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