Seal Brown

Seal brown is a rich dark brown color, resembling the color of the dyed fur from the fur seal.

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Seal Brown (horse) - Former Theories About The Genetics of Seal Brown - Tyrosinase-brown
... a protein involved in melanin synthesis, and is encoded by the TYRP1 gene, also called the brown (b) locus ... the TYRP1 gene of other mammals result in various reddish-brown coat color phenotypes Brown in mice, Chocolate in cats, Chocolate in dogs, and Dun in cattle ... rather than the black-dominated coats of seal brown horses, and usually result in pinkish-brown skin and light eyes ...
Seal Brown (horse)
... Seal brown is a hair coat color of horses characterized by a near-black body color with black points, the mane, tail and legs but also reddish or tan areas around the eyes, muzzle, behind the ... The term is not to be confused with "brown", which is used by some breed registries to refer to either a seal brown horse or to a dark bay without the additional characteristics of seal brown ... dark bay coat color, which also features black points and a near-black body, differs from true seal brown in the absence of these true tan markings ...
Seal Brown (horse) - Dark Bay Vs. Seal Brown
... Seal brown horses, which have primarily black coats in addition to black "points", with reddish or tan hairs around their muzzle, eyes, girth and flanks, have one ... dark bay might then be darker than a sunbleached seal brown ... difference between the top-down distribution of the sooty trait and the lighter soft areas of a seal brown can also be difficult to distinguish from one another ...
Seal Brown - Usage
... it should be made of horsehide tanned to seal brown ... jackets to end up russet (a lighter, reddish brown) in color ... oxidation during dyeing, and the jackets produced were a proper stone brown ...

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