Screw Sloop

A screw sloop (ScSlp) is a propeller-driven sloop-of-war. In the 19th century, during the introduction of the steam engine, ships driven by propellers were differentiated from those driven by paddle-wheels by referring to the ship's screws (propellers). Other propeller-driven warships included screw frigates and screw corvettes.

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List Of Ship Launches In 1862
... Bushnell Mystic, Connecticut Galena Ironclad screw steamer 8 March Confederate States of America Portsmouth, Virginia Virginia Ironclad warship rebuilt from the wreck of the USS ... States Portsmouth Navy Yard Kittery, Maine Sacramento Sloop 1 May United States Neafie Levy Kensington, Philadelphia Alligator Submarine first submarine of the United States Navy 1 May United States. 8 December United States Philadelphia Navy Yard Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Shenandoah Screw sloop 23 December United States Portsmouth Navy Yard Kittery, Maine Sassacus Side wheel steamer unknown ...
Edwin T. Woodward - Postwar Career
... After the war, Woodward served on the screw sloop Kearsarge ... In 1867 and 1868, Woodward served on Guerriere, a screw sloop recommissioned on May 21, 1867, which sailed from New York Harbor on June 28, 1867, to serve as flagship of the South Atlantic ... New York on July 21, 1876, and laid up." In 1876, Woodward served on the screw sloop Vandalia ...
Morgan Iron Works - Production Summary - Warship Engines
... (ft) IHP USS Seminole Screw sloop Narragansett 1859 Pensacola Navy Yard 1,235 HBA 50. 2.6 250 USS Chippewa Screw gunboat Unadilla 1861 William H ... Webb 691 HBA 30. 1.6 n/a USS Katahdin Screw gunboat Unadilla 1861 Larrabee Allen 691 HBA 30. 1.6 n/a USS Kineo Screw gunboat Unadilla 1861 J ... Yard 1,070 IDA 7 ... n/a USS Wachusett Screw sloop Iroquois 1861 Boston Navy Yard 1,488 HBA 50. 2.6 1202 USS Ticonderoga Screw sloop Lackawanna 1862 Brooklyn Navy Yard 2,526 HBA ...
HMS Sappho
... (1806) was an 18-gun Cruizer class brig-sloop launched in 1806 and broken up in 1830 ... HMS Sappho (1837) was a 16-gun brig-sloop launched in 1837 and which foundered in 1859 ... HMS Sappho was to have been a wood screw sloop ...
Glossary Of Nautical Terms - S
... Screw 1 ... screw frigate, screw sloop) ... Ship sloop A type of sloop-of-war introduced in the 1740s which had three square-rigged masts (in contrast to the brig sloop introduced in the 1770s, which had two masts) ...

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