Scotch Bonnet

Scotch bonnet may refer to:

  • Scotch bonnet (mushroom), also known as the fairy ring mushroom
  • Scotch bonnet (pepper), an exceptionally hot chili pepper
  • Scotch bonnet (sea snail), a sea snail, official state shell of North Carolina

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Pride High - Main Cast - Scotch Bonnet
... Named after the scotch bonnet pepper, Claire Aedhamair can form semi-sentient beings of living fire and attack her opponents with them ...
Semicassis Granulata - Anatomy
... It takes approximately six years for a Scotch bonnet to mature ... In some cases, especially in deep water, the Scotch bonnet does not absorb the outer lip completely, leaving behind a varix on the whorls of the mature shell ... The more food a Scotch bonnet consumes during its lifetime, the more developed the shell features are, the glossier the sheen of the shell, and the brighter the color ...
Chili Sauce - Styles of Hot Sauce - The Americas
... The most common peppers used are habanero and Scotch bonnet, the latter being the most common in Jamaica ... - Bajan pepper sauce, a mustard and Scotch bonnet pepper based hot sauce ... Hot Pepper Sauce", a hot sauce made from scotch bonnets, manufactured by Perry W ...

Famous quotes containing the words bonnet and/or scotch:

    Had I represented twenty thousand voters in Michigan, that political editor would not have known nor cared whether I was the oldest or the youngest daughter of Methuselah, or whether my bonnet came from the Ark or from Worth’s.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    Wooing, wedding, and repenting, is as a Scotch jig, a measure, and a cinquepace; the first suit is hot and hasty, like a Scotch jig, and full as fantastical; the wedding, mannerly-modest, as a measure, full of state and ancientry; and then comes repentance and, with his bad legs, falls into the cinquepace faster and faster, till he sink into his grave.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)