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List Of Florida State University People - Notable Faculty and Staff - Faculty Winners of Major Honors
... the Advancement of Science (Biological Science) Roy Baumeister Institute for Scientific Information highly cited researcher (Psychology/Psychiatry) Konrad E ... National Academy of Sciences (Chemistry) Institute for Scientific Information highly cited researcher (Chemistry) David Larbalestier National Academy of Engineering (Superconducting Materials) Alan Marshall ... Jay Turner Institute for Scientific Information highly cited researcher (Social Sciences) Sherwood Wise American Association for the Advancement of Science (Geological ...

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    Once the sin against God was the greatest sin, but God died, and so these sinners died as well. To sin against the earth is now the most terrible thing, and to esteem the entrails of the unknowable more highly than the meaning of the earth.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    A poet’s object is not to tell what actually happened but what could or would happen either probably or inevitably.... For this reason poetry is something more scientific and serious than history, because poetry tends to give general truths while history gives particular facts.
    Aristotle (384–323 B.C.)

    Computers are good at swift, accurate computation and at storing great masses of information. The brain, on the other hand, is not as efficient a number cruncher and its memory is often highly fallible; a basic inexactness is built into its design. The brain’s strong point is its flexibility. It is unsurpassed at making shrewd guesses and at grasping the total meaning of information presented to it.
    Jeremy Campbell (b. 1931)