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Laboratory B In Sungul’ - Scientific Director
... Nikolaus Riehl was the scientific director of Laboratory B from September 1950 to early autumn in 1952 ... Riehl, scientific director of the Auergesellschaft, was sent by the Russians, in 1945, to head a group at Plant No ... and Karl Zimmer, were being held in Krasnogorsk, in the main PoW camp for Germans with scientific degrees, Riehl arranged though Zavenyagin to have them sent to Ehlektrostal’ ...
Abdul Qadeer Khan - 1971 War and Return To Pakistan - Competition and Scope of Research
... put the atomic bomb project's scientific director and oversaw the successful execution of the program by the mid 1980s ... The government itself restricted to provide full scientific data of nuclear weapons to Qadeer Khan and such scientific documents were never provided to him by his fellow theorist ... to Qadeer Khan's high expectation to be promoted as the scientific director, the military instead approved to appointment of Major-General General Zahid Ali as the scientific director of ...
The Centre For Applied Genomics - Organization and Management - Scientific Director
... The Scientific Director of TCAG is Dr ... Staff Scientist in The Hospital for Sick Children's Research Institute, Director of the McLaughlin Centre, and a professor at the University of Toronto ...

Famous quotes containing the words director and/or scientific:

    He wrote me sad Mother’s Day stories. He’d always kill me in the stories and tell me how bad he felt about it. It was enough to bring a tear to a mother’s eye.
    Connie Zastoupil, U.S. mother of Quentin Tarantino, director of film Pulp Fiction. Rolling Stone, p. 76 (December 29, 1994)

    Philosophers of science constantly discuss theories and representation of reality, but say almost nothing about experiment, technology, or the use of knowledge to alter the world. This is odd, because ‘experimental method’ used to be just another name for scientific method.... I hope [to] initiate a Back-to-Bacon movement, in which we attend more seriously to experimental science. Experimentation has a life of its own.
    Ian Hacking (b. 1936)