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Agriculture was developed independently in the Sahel.

The first instances of domestication of plants for agricultural purposes in Africa occurred in the Sahel region c. 5000 BCE, when sorghum and african rice (Oryza glaberrima) began to be cultivated. Around this time, and in the same region, the small Guineafowl was domesticated. Other African domesticated plants were oil palm, raffia palm, black-eyed peas, groundnuts, and kola nuts.

African method of cultivating rice was used in North Carolina introduced by enslaved African. african rice cultivation was a factor in the prosperity of the North Carolina colony.

Yam was domesticated 8000 BCE in West Africa. Between 7000 and 5000 BCE, pearl millet, gourds, watermelons, and beans, and farming and herding practices were spread westward across the southern Sahara.

West Africans were probably the first people to start using the method of fish lines and hook in fishing. The hooks were made of bone, hard wood, or shell between 16,000 to 9000 BCE.

Between 6500 and 3500 BCE knowledge of domesticated sorghum, castor beans, and two species of gourd spread from Africa to Asia, later pearl millet, black-eyed peas, watermellon and okra to the rest of the world.

Pottery was first made in the Sahel around 9000 to 8000 BCE, making it one of the earliest region of independent pottery development.

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