Say Blow By Blow Backwards - Personnel


  • Guitars: Bootsy Collins, Phelps Collins, Garry Shider, Rodney Crutcher, Michael Hampton
  • Bass: Bootsy Collins, Donnie Sterling, Billy Bass Nelson, Cordell Mosson, Rodney Curtis
  • Drums: Bootsy Collins, Gary Cooper, Frank Waddy, Tyrone Lampkin, Jesse Williams
  • Keyboards: Bernie Worrell, Joel Johnson, Jerome Rogers, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley
  • Horns: Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Rick Gardner, Richard Griffith
  • Percussion: Carl Small, Larry Fratangelo
  • Background vocals: Gary Cooper, Jessica Cleaves, Dawn Silva, Jeanette McGruder, Sheila Horne, Robert Johnson, George Clinton

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    This woman is headstrong, obstinate and dangerously self- opinionated.
    —Report by Personnel Officer at I.C.I., rejecting Mrs. Thatcher for a job in 1948.