Saxon Hereditary Lands

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Bishop Of Dresden-Meissen - Apostolic Prefects of Meissen (1567–1921)
... of Meissen, was thus also called the Apostolic Prefecture of (Saxon) Upper Lusatia ... of Antigonea since 1831 ... Ignaz Bernhard Mauermann, apostolic vicar of the Saxon Hereditary Lands and titular bishop of Pella since 1819, Priest of Meissen died in ... Aloys Schäfer, simultaneously apostolic vicar of the Saxon Hereditary Lands and titular bishop of Abila Lysaniae, Priest of Meissen died in office 4 April 5 ... September 1914 Franz Löbmann, simultaneously apostolic ...
Apostolic Vicariate Of Northern Germany - Vicars Apostolic - Vicars Apostolic For The Saxon Hereditary Lands
... In 1743 the Vicariate Apostolic for Saxon Hereditary Lands was disentangled from the Upper and Lower Saxony vicariate. 1980), followed by the investiture of Christian Schreiber as bishop, the Vicariate of the Saxon Hereditary Lands was then merged into this new diocese ...

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    Joseph, when I had jewels and lands and palaces, I was often weary and discontent. When everything was taken away, except my life, I learned that the way to be really happy is to serve others, to be needed.
    —Adele Comandini. Edward Sutherland. Madam Tanya (Maria Ouspenskaya)

    The canoe and yellow birch, beech, maple, and elm are Saxon and Norman, but the spruce and fir, and pines generally, are Indian.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    We bring [to government] no hereditary status or gift of infallibility and none follows us from this place.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)