SAS Institute

SAS Institute

Coordinates: 35°49′37″N 78°45′44″W / 35.82694°N 78.76222°W / 35.82694; -78.76222

SAS Institute is a Cary, North Carolina- based developer of analytics software. It owns the largest market share for advanced analytics and is the world's largest private software company. SAS (pronounced "sass") develops and markets its software (also called SAS), which helps companies gather, store, access, analyze and report on corporate data to aid in decision-making. SAS’ software is used by about 79% of Fortune 500 companies.

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SAS Language - Controversy
... There has been controversy lately on difference, if any, on SAS as a language and SAS as a system ... While some people believe that SAS exists as a language and cannot be copyrighted by the SAS Institute only ... and Carolina from Dulles Open and SAS Institute's efforts to be the sole distributor of the SAS language related products.In addition the SAS Institute created a wiki with the condition that any content there is ...
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... SAS (software) - the SAS product SAS language - the SAS language DataFlux - a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS Institute JMP - statistical/graphical ...
SAS (software) - History - Versions
... SAS 71 SAS 71 represents the first limited release of the system ... The first manual for SAS was printed at this time, approximately 60 pages long ... SAS 72 This more robust release was the first to achieve wide distribution ...

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