Santa Maria Maior

There are parishes that have the name Santa Maria Maior (first part, Portuguese meaning Saint Mary:

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National Monuments Of Portugal - National Monuments - Civic
... e São Pedro, Évora) Hospital of the Misericórdia (Santiago Maior, Beja) Memorial of Ameixal (Santa Vitória de Ameixal, Estremoz) Memorial of Elvas (Alcáçova, Elvas) Memorial of ... Manuel (São Pedro, Évora) Palace of Ficalho (Santa Maria, Serpa Palace of the Counts of Basto (Sé e São Pedro, Évora) Palace of the Dukes of Vila Viçosa (Nossa ... Residence of Garcia de Resendes (Sé e São Pedro, Évora) Residence of the Alcalde (Santa Maria, Estremoz) Walls of the Praça de Elvas (Alcáçova, Elvas) Algarve region ...
Chaves Municipality, Portugal - Architecture - Religious
... Church of Santa Maria Maior - Santa Maria Maior, or the Matriz Church is historical cathedral (long since decommissioned when the bishopric was transferred to Vila Real) in 716, during the Moorish invasion ... door of elegant proportions (with busts of Saint Peter and Saint Paul), while a statue of Santa Maria Maior is located on a wall to the rear of the temple ...
Santa Maria Maior - In The Madeira Islands, Africa
... Santa Maria Maior (Funchal), a parish in the municipality of Funchal. ...
Santa Maria Maior (Funchal) - History
... The settlement that would later take on the name of Santa Maria Maior developed spontaneously from the first homes constructed in 1425 ... temple constructed to the invokation of Santa Maria, or Santa Maria do Calhau as it was briefly known ... Santa Maria do Calhau, constructed in 1430, served the congregations east of the bay of Funchal, and was also known as Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Baixo (English Our Lady of the ...

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