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SM UB-16 - Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
... UB-16 for little more than a month, Thielmann sank one ship on UB-16 ... On 9 August, UB-16 torpedoed and sank the British destroyer Recruit 3 nautical miles (5.6 km) from the North Hinder Lightship ... Recruit, commissioned four months earlier, sank with 54 of her complement ...
SM U-16 (Austria-Hungary)
... The U-boat sank one small sailing ship in November and seized another in December ... operating off Vlorë in mid-October 1916, U-16 sank an Italian destroyer acting as a convoy escort ... In all U-16 sank three ships with a combined tonnage of 711 ...
SM U-15 (Austria-Hungary) - Operational History
... On 18 December, Fähndrich and U-15 attacked and sank two Albanian sailing vessels near Lezhë ... One week later, on 17 May, U-15 torpedoed and sank the 2,237 GRT Italian steamer Stura in the Adriatic some 18 nautical miles (33 km) east of Brindisi ... crew of U-15 scored their second double kill when they sank the Italian auxiliary cruiser Cittá di Messina (3,495 GRT) and the French destroyer Fourche (745 GRT) ...
SM U-117 - Service History - Return Journey
... placed bombs on board the cargo carrier that sank the prize ... On the 26th, she stopped the 162-ton Rush and sank that American trawler with bombs placed on board ... Bergsdalen, steaming in ballast from La Pallice, France, to Baltimore, Maryland, and sank her quarry with a single torpedo ...
SM UB-6 - Early Career
... the first sortie and sunk the first ship of the flotilla in April, UB-6 sank the first warship credited to the flotilla ... One month later, on 1 June, UB-6 sank what would be her largest ship, the British cargo ship Saidieh, of 3,303 gross register tons (GRT) ... with a load of onions and cottonseed when UB-6 sank her at the mouth of the Thames eight crewmen lost their lives in the attack ...

Famous quotes containing the word sank:

    The Sea Tiger was built to fight. She deserves a better epitaph than “Commissioned 1940. Sank 1941. Engagements, none. Shots fired, none.” Now you can’t let her go that way. That’s like a beautiful woman dying an old maid.
    Stanley Shapiro (1925–1990)

    For certainly he sank into his grave
    His senses and his heart unsatisfied,
    And made—being poor, ailing and ignorant,
    Shut out from all the luxury of the world,
    The coarse-bred son of a livery-stable keeper—
    Luxuriant song.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)