Sangha River

The Sangha River, a river in central Africa, is a tributary of the Congo River, which it joins at 1°12′45″S 16°49′40″E / 1.2125°S 16.82778°E / -1.2125; 16.82778 (Sagha River mouth)Coordinates: 1°12′45″S 16°49′40″E / 1.2125°S 16.82778°E / -1.2125; 16.82778 (Sagha River mouth). Formed by the merging of the Mambéré River into the Kadéï River at Nola (3°30′55″N 16°2′50″E / 3.51528°N 16.04722°E / 3.51528; 16.04722 (Sangha River head)), the Sangha flows through the Central African Republic, along the border of Cameroon, and through the Republic of Congo.

Its tributaries include the Ngoko River, which joins at Ouésso (1°39′5″N 16°3′25″E / 1.65139°N 16.05694°E / 1.65139; 16.05694 (Ngoko River mouth)).

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