Sam Walters - Productions - New Orange Tree Theatre

New Orange Tree Theatre

  • All In the Wrong (Arthur Murphy), opening production in the new theatre, February 1991
  • Nutmeg and Ginger (Julian Slade) June 1991
  • Little Eyolf (Henrik Ibsen) October 1991
  • Cerceau (Viktor Slavkin) Walters as a performer only, May 1992
  • Dark River revival (Rodney Ackland) March 1992
  • His Majesty (Harley Granville Barker) also Edinburgh Festival, September 1992
  • The Dutch Courtesan (John Marston) October 1992
  • A Penny for a Song (John Whiting)j December 1992
  • The Artifice (Susannah Centlivre) February 1993
  • Nice Dorothy (David Cregan) May 1993
  • A Penny for a Song (John Whiting) revival, July 1993
  • Doctor Knock (Jules Romains) revival, October 1994
  • Flora the Red Menace (Kander and Ebb) December 1994
  • Portrait of a Woman (Michael Vinaver, translated by Donald Watson) February 1995
  • The Memorandum (Václav Havel) March 1995
  • Retreat (James Saunders) May 1995
  • Flora the Red Menace (Kander and Ebb) revival, August 1995
  • The Maitlands (Ronald Mackenzie) October 1995
  • The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles (George Bernard Shaw) December 1995
  • The Good Woman of Setzuan (Bertolt Brecht) February 1996
  • The Power of the Dog (Ellen Dryden) May 1996
  • What the Heart Feels (Stephen Bill) October 1996
  • Family Circles (Alan Ayckbourn) December 1996
  • Inheritors (Susan Glaspell) February 1997
  • Family Circles (Alan Ayckbourn) August 1997
  • Overboard (Michel Vinaver) October 1997
  • All in the Wrong (Arthur Murphy) revival December 1997
  • Macbeth (Shakespeare) February 1998
  • Sperm Wars (David Lewis) September 1998
  • Court in the Act (farce Hennequin and Veber) December 1998
  • The Way of the World (Congreve) March 1999
  • The Last Thrash (David Cregan) Walters as a performer only, April 1999
  • Winner Takes All (farce La main passe Feydau) January 2000
  • Hurting (David Lewis) March 2000
  • Arms and the Man (George Bernard Shaw) September 2000
  • The Daughter-in-Law (D. H. Lawrence) February 2001
  • Clockwatching (Torben Betts) March 2001
  • Whispers Along the Patio (David Cregan) October 2001, also Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Bertolt Brecht, with a new Prologue by James Saunders) November 2001
  • Have You Anything to Declare? (farce Hennequin and Veber) December 2001
  • Three Sisters (Chekhov, translataed by Carol Rocamora as The Three Sisters) February 2002
  • Happy Birthday Dear Alice (Bernard Farrell) April 2002
  • The Road to Ruin (Thomas Holcroft) September 2002
  • Saints Day (John Whiting) October 2002
  • The Game Hunter(Monsieur chasse farce, Feydeau, translated by Richard Cottrell) April 2003
  • The Mob (John Galsworthy) September 2003
  • King Cromwell (Oliver Ford Davies) November 2003
  • Love's a Luxury (farce by Guy Paxton an Edward V Hoile) April 2004
  • The Marrying of Ann Leete (Harvey Granville Barker) September 2004
  • Myth, Propaganda & Disaster in Nazi Germany & Contemporary America (Stephen Sewell) November 2004
  • Monkey's Uncle (David Lewis) October 2005
  • A Journey to London (Vanbrugh in a version by James Saunders) December 2005
  • The Madras House (Harley Granville Barker) September 2006
  • Major Barbara (George Bernard Shaw) October 2006
  • The Skin Game (John Galsworthy) March 2007
  • The Woman Hater (Fanny Burney) December 2007
  • Leaving (Václav Havel), English language premiere, September 2008
  • Greenwash (David Lewis), February 2009
  • Factors Unforeseen (Michel Vinaver, translated by Catherine Crimp), May 2009
  • The Making of Moo (Nigel Dennis), November 2009
  • The Lady or the Tiger (Michael Richmond and Jeremy Paul, score by Nola York), January 2010
  • Once Bitten (farce by Alfred Hennequin and Alfred Dellacourt, translated and adapted by Reggie Oliver), January 2011
  • Reading Hebron (Jason Sherman), February 2011
  • Muswell Hill (Torben Betts), February 2012

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